One of the biggest shocks Zambia receive recently was the money laundering case investigated and released by the FIC. This report has certainly brought the country to a halt and has pushed the nation to and its activities to a dismal situation.  per the FIC, a list has been released with named of lawyers and other who are involved in this money laundering act. 
Among the names in this list, Masozi M. Banda from Avic International is at the top. He is working with Avic International and is known to have worked with top corporate as well as government bodies. Another interesting name in the list was of Sakwiba Sikota, the owner of Central Chambers. 
Sikota’s name is known for his more infamous relationship with the Ventriglias as their legal counsellor. Sikota has been working with the Ventriglias for many years and has practically represented the family in almost all cases. One of the most famous among them is the case of Portland Cement Zambia. Experts have clearly indicated that the cement factory, which was illegally taken over by the Ventriglias by using force, actually belongs to Dr. Rajan Mahtani, a noted and honest businessman in Zambia who holds the legal papers for the bank. In spite of this, Dr. Rajan Mahtani is fighting the case at the Lusaka High Court for almost 10 years now. 
These events clearly indicate the fact that even though the crimes of these individuals is known to all, the government has been unable to act against them. Therefore, the government should give strict punishment to the individuals found guilty in this money laundering case

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