An unbelievable scene played out at a funeral ceremony somewhere in Ghana as a traditional dancer made the rain to stop.

The activities of the funeral service was ongoing smoothly until the rains halted it nearly ruining the day’s event as an old woman was being laid to rest.

However, after realizing how the rains could entirely delay the funeral, a traditional cultural troop dancer suspected to be a spiritual man stepped inside the rain when everybody else was hiding under the canopy for cover and danced to cultural music being played by the cultural troupe.

The moment was filmed by ace broadcaster and media personality, Andy Dosty and in the video, the man could be seen dancing to the rhythm of the traditional drum while pleasing with the Gods to kindly stop the rains as his actions suggested.

A few minutes after, the rains ceased and the sun started shining throwing the mourners into a state of shock as they could not believe a man could command a heavy rainfall to stop.

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