Most at times, people assume a relationship has to end when they catch their partner cheating on them, but that's not always the case. While it certainly isn't easy, there are steps a couple can take to properly repair their relationship after one of them cheats. It is normal for a person to feel betrayed and lose trust in their partner when he or she cheats, but that doesn't mean putting a full stop to their relationship.

A Ghanaian woman has recently shared the story of how she caught her husband cheating on her on several occasions but decided to forgive him and move on. According to a story reported by The Nation Newspaper yesterday, the Ghanaian woman whose name was not revealed stated that after her marriage, she caught her husband cheating on her with another lady. Because she has an open heart, she forgave him after he promised her not to repeat the mistake.

But shortly after that incident, she caught him again with one of her sisters who came to stay with them. She wanted to confront her family with the issue but decided to forgive him after he apologized again. Few months after the incident, she invited her second sister to stay with her after she fell ill. However, her husband used the opportunity to cheat on her with the second sister. This time around, she became enraged and reported the matter to her family.

There are two vital lessons couples should learn from this woman. Firstly, forgiveness is the best form of love in a relationship. Regardless of what crime your partner commits, it is good to forgive. If your spouse has been committed to repairing your marriage or relationship, it’s worth forgiving them. They clearly want to make things work and understand the mistakes they’ve made.

Secondly, forgiving someone who cheats on you allows you to heal. Ultimately, holding onto negative emotions does not benefit anyone because it certainly affects both partners. Therefore, learning how to let go and move forward is a valuable life skill; the merits are not mutually exclusive to a relationship.

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