Ratty Ghana is a socio-cultural and inspirational music act (rapper & singer). Bernard Opoku Agyemang also known as Ratty Ghana is considered one of the major proponents of the rap music in Ghana. The identity is a multipurpose music act comitted to many subjects both local and international (social commentator) and also cuts across demographies with a unique sense of humour that attracts the likeness and enjoyment of people. Subjects such as gospel , sports , road safety , global sanity etc. He is classified as an edutainer as he educates and at the same time entertains with his content. Ratty Ghana had a popular song on his previous album PENETRATION, song titled Tax which had huge airplay nationwide and also featured the president. His record anthem “Dada Awu” with the pallbearers became a topic on the streets right after release and now he releases another album titled FIRST EGYACULATION. 

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Release Blurb: [ “First Egyaculation” is the second body of work of Ghana’s most sort after artiste Ratty Ghana. Egyaculation is coined from Twi language “Egya” which means fire (energy) elaborating the world on how energetic we are to channel positivity into reality.

‘’Money” sends the message of how necessary it is to work hard for. Song was produced by Khendi Beatz

“Hustlers Prayer” talks about the streets plan for the future, production credit to Chrissy Clist

“Ate Maniso” in translation “Lose hope” expresses his isolation from negativity also produced by Chrissy Clist inside USA

“Police” was produced by Luu beatz in France and it talks about how often obtacles can be met but not giving way for destruction.

“No Way” speaks about how this generation are willing to do anything for the sake of money for survival. Song was produced by Kreator.

“Sasabro” literally meaning inability to perform “Doggy” nickname for those called Douglas and the implication that comes with that name 

“Father Dickson” is the name the ladies call him. 

“Nnipa Foo” means bad people and also talks about how bad a trusted friend can be to you. 

“Call Waiting” speaks how much he wasted his life to love a gold digger. Song was produced by Kreator

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