The goal of parents is that their children get the best education in schools so when there is a problem that prevents it, they request measures and decisions by educational centers.

So did some who noticed that their little ones they did not concentrate in class because of their teacher, because they assure that their body distracts them. The events took place in New Jersey.

The case of “The Art Teacher”, as the teacher calls herself on her social networks, starred in several covers in local and international media, for which the teacher defended herself with a message on social networks to make it clear that she only focuses on do your job.

“I know I always look angry or deadly serious when I’m in the room. It is neither. I am focused! The thing is, I only know of a few jobs that are as important as shaping the next generation of minds. It always amazes me how much these kids are learning. They are really soaking up everything we feed them in these schools. Not only do we have to be immensely efficient, but we have to be overly loving and caring. Some kids use school as their sanctuary, our job is so much more than just teaching you facts!” she expressed.

In addition, she mentioned that to get to where she is today she has made many sacrifices, so she does not understand why they want to kick her out of their job.

“Artist, art teacher, influencer, etc. I worked for years to become the woman I am today. Strong, successful, loving, motivated, etc. Unfortunately, being an influencer makes it easy for most people to dismiss the immense amount of work it takes to get to where I am today.. Most of the time we just show the end results, so people tend to completely dismiss the sheer amount of work it takes to get here. Even worse, some people believe that we are made of stone and that we have no feelings. Some forget the fact that their lack of empathy can lead us to lose the income we use to support our families or our emotional control… ”, he concluded.

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