Newly married journalist, Bridget Otoo has disclosed how a school dropout saved her life when she had no money to buy water.
Sharing her heart-warming story in a Facebook post on September 3, 2022, she narrated that she didn’t have any money to buy water at a point she was dire need of it. 

“I fell sick while driving home a few days ago and needed water, I had no physical cash on me except momo. I was also embarrassed to ask those in traffic, I mean who would take momo for just 2 cedis water?

“I began to dehydrate more, I had passed at least 4 bottle water sellers on the Kpone stretch, then I saw this young lady, I whispered that I wanted water and can only pay via momo,” she disclosed.

Delving deeper into her story, she mentioned that the young lady who gave her a bottle of water and declined to take money from her.

“She didn’t want me to pay, so I insisted on taking her number to thank her later.”

Bridget added that after gulping down the water she was awakened and washed her face with what was left in the bottle before resting for a while to get her energy back.

“I drove off thanking God and thinking how this girl saved me in ways she would never know. I called her the next morning to thank her and went ahead to send her momo to show just how grateful I am. she called back, shocked and happy,” she said.

According to the media personality, during their conversation, she learned the young water vendor was a school dropout.

“We had a long conversation and I discovered she’s an SHS dropout. She’s agreed to meet me to talk and I honestly can’t wait to see where this goes, I hope I can also make an impact in her life. The people with the least can be so kind. I’m grateful to Portia,” she added.


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