If Ghanaians do not choose me as president of the country, I will return and purchase Ghana. – Nana Kwame Bediako Cheddar Vows.

Freedom Jacob Ceasar, also known as Cheddar, who is a Presidential candidate and the leader of the New Force Movement, has ignited a debate with his recent comments on the relationship between wealth and power in Ghana.

Cheddar made a confident statement that his wealth would exceed that of the entire country if he were to make a million millionaires and only take 10% from each of them.

He cautioned the people of Ghana to not underestimate his abilities and suggested that even if they do not currently see the value in his efforts, his comeback will demonstrate his strong capabilities in contributing to the country.

During a conversation with a television station in Accra, Cheddar mentioned that by creating a million millionaires and collecting 10% from each individual, he could potentially become wealthier than the entire country.

He warned Ghanaians to be cautious because although they may not appreciate him now, he plans on returning and potentially acquiring the country.

Nana Kwame Bediako, also known as Cheddar or Freedom Jacob Caesar, who leads the New Force political movement, has made a formal announcement of his desire to run for President of Ghana.

The announcement made by the real estate player created excitement among some Ghanaians when he identified himself as the infamous 'Man In the Mask.'

People have now started evaluating his wealth and eagerly await the thoughts he will present about his vision for the future of Ghana.

Some people have raised concerns about his public image and compared it to his newly discovered political aspirations.

He mentioned that despite not having a clear understanding of politics, he chose to enter the political arena as he felt a calling to do so, similar to other instances in his life.

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