Update About Rapper Medikal and Fella Makafui's break-up.

Based on reports from the media, Medikal is rumored to be heartbrokɛn because Fella is tired of their relationship.

They supposedly coexist in the same house but have separate rooms.

Fella refusɛs to leave the house due to her financial investment in it.

Medikal often invites friends over, playing loud music to annøy Fella in an attɛmpt to get her to leave, but she remains steadfast in staying.

She avoids getting the authorities involved to keep the issuɛ private.

Fella has been patient and only leaves when things become unbearable for her peace of mind.

Medikal is frustrat.ɛd because Fella's silence is affɛct!ng him deeply.

Despite the situation, Fella remains focusɛd on her businesses and acting career.

It appears that Medikal is behaving this way due to some emotional pa!n.

It may not be too late for him to change his behavior, especially since they are living together and can work through their problems.

Their relationship has been unstable for a long time, with breakups followed by reconciliations happening frequently.

This time, however, it seems like Fella is more serious, and her quiet demeanor may be due to her realization that Serwaa is a negative influence.

Fella has reached her limit and is in emotional distress.

For the sake of our entertainment and trolling opportunities, they should work on repairing their relationship, I care deeply for both of them.


"Do you believe that if Fella continues to refuse to marry Medikal, then who will have to leave the house? They must resolve their issues as if they were to separate, we would lose a couple to troll about.

Fella Makafui currently has a benefit in that regardless of whether she remains in the marriage or a breakup occurs, people will still perceive it as clout chasing, which is actually benefiting them.

If Medikal can boast about his wealth so much, he should consider moving out of that house and giving it to Fella, or is his wealth only in his words and not in his pocket?

Any news involving Fella or Medikal will be met with skepticism by the public, which has worked in their favor.

It is important to not always take life too seriously, as they have embraced a dramatic lifestyle and are now not taken seriously by others.

Source: Alleged.

Your Humble thoughts! 

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